A Written-Pole motor with its inherently low starting current and flexible synchronization is ideally suited to starting very high inertia loads. Unlike conventional electric motors, which have a limited tolerance for lengthy start times due to their high starting current, Written-Pole motors are able to accommodate extended starting cycles without overheating. As a result, there is a reduced requirement for over sizing and the accompanying performance penalty.

An added benefit of the Written-Pole design is the ability to initiate an instantaneous restart after a momentary loss of power without creating massive transient torque pulses capable of damaging the motor or its driven load.

The Power-Ride motor incorporates a large internal flywheel as part of its design. This large flywheel continues to deliver power to the motor shaft during momentary power interruptions. Upon restoration of utility power, the motor instantaneously reconnects to the utility supply and continues to operate the load. In effect, the Power-Ride motor provides a reliable low-tech solution to the problem of process disruption due to momentary power interruptions common to the utility grid.

Insert chart with typical ride-thru characteristic for 1000 horsepower Power-Ride motor.